Health Innovation Program 2025

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DeepTech Alliance: Health Innovation Program 2025

DeepTech Alliance introduces its fourth program: Health Innovation Program 2025. The kick-off will be launched Spring 2025 and use the same format as the annual business creation programs in Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Energy and Public Utility which have been organized since 2021.

“It’s hard to find areas where the Deeptech Wave of Innovation fits better than in Health Innovation. We are excited to launch our next business creation program in that field and believe our alliance members and their European ecosystems has what it takes to make it successful”

-Thomas Klem Andersen, DeepTech Alliance Executive Director.

So far, DeepTech Alliance has been running 6 Business Creation Programs with over 127 business opportunities identified between the 126 mature European startups and 45 international corporates participating, and another 95 opportunities between corporates. We are convinced that our well proven model to connect corporates from around the world to the most promising European startups and scaleups, deep tech investors, peers and the best deep tech players in Europe will work well also in Health Innovation.

Health innovation encompasses a wide range of advancements, initiatives, and technologies aimed at improving healthcare delivery, outcomes, efficiency, and accessibility. Key components of Health Innovation include:

  • Medical Technology
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Innovation
  • Genomics and Personalized Medicine
  • Healthcare Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Digital Health Solutions

Deep tech plays a crucial role in Health Innovation by driving breakthroughs in healthcare prevention, diagnostics, treatments, and delivery models. In the intersection between the two are several important areas that our Corporate Partners will help us select for each program through their requests. These areas include:

  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Precision Medicine
  • Drug Discovery & Development
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Data Analytics & Healthcare Informatics
  • Regenerative Medicine & Tissue Engineering

The programs are the foundation of how DeepTech Alliance enables the most promising European deep tech companies to scale faster through sustainable business relationships with international corporates. The programs also enable corporate-to-corporate business relationships which further accelerate deployment and scaling of deep tech solutions, in many cases cross industries. Deep tech investors are also involved in these programs which is critical since deep tech investing typically means more patient money in earlier stages. Our business creation programs are commercial and have maximum 25 Corporates participating, and based on their input, 25 mature European startups are selected for each program.

Other DeepTech Alliance Programs 2024 are Advanced Manufacturing 2024 to be kicked-off in Munich October 9-10 hosted by UnternehmerTUM and Public Utility Program 2024 to be kicked-off in Oslo November 5-6 by Kongsberg Innovation. All activities conclude with our end-of-year event DeepTech Alliance Explore 2024, hosted by Hello Tomorrow in Paris, which gathers the entire community of the alliance in one event:  Participants from all DTA Business Creation programs, alumni participants from previous years, the DTA member hubs, DTA corporate partners and VCs from across Europe and beyond.


Deep Tech Alliance is an alliance of European deep tech ecosystems with the mission to make Europe a leading deep tech player. Our single-point-of-entry to Europe’s leading deep tech ecosystems enables business relationships between European quality startups, international corporates and investors, to be created faster and more efficiently.

The DeepTech Alliance members are: DTU Science Park (Denmark), Polihub (Italy), UnternehmerTUM (Germany), Hello Tomorrow (France), The Collider/Mobile World Capital Barcelona (Spain), HighTechXL (the Netherlands), Kongsberg Innovation(Norway), Ljubljana University Incubator (Slovenia), Imec (Belgium), STING (Sweden) and Beta-I (Portugal). THINGS is the exclusive operations partner to DeepTech Alliance from 2024. 

DeepTech Alliance is active in the domains of Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Energy, Public Utility, Health Innovation, Advanced Material and has been involved in third party programs in Sustainable City Logistics and Space Tech.

For more information please visit: or contact Thomas Klem Andersen: [email protected]

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