Expanding the alliance with associate partners

Rebecca Vall

In DeepTech Alliance we are joining forces to unleash the full potential of European science-based innovation for global impact. To date, we have been pursuing this mission with our member organizations, corporate partners, investor partners, service providers and program participants. To widen the community of organization we work with, we are now launching a new partner category: Associate Partners

Going forward, we will be collaborating on a commercial basis with associate partners on two levels: 1)Annually or 2)program-based in our Business Creation programs on Clean Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, Pubic Utilities, New Materials and Health. Since Associate Partners will be quite different types of organizations, we will negotiate terms and conditions individually. 

“Our new partner category will enable us to formalize collaboration with important organizations strengthening our single point of contact to European Deeptech Ecosystems.”

Thomas Klem Andersen, DeepTech Alliance Executive Director.

So far, DeepTech Alliance has been running 6 Business Creation Programs with over 220 business opportunities identified between the 126 mature European startups and 45 international corporates.

The alliance is currently growing from the 10 European member organizations we have today to 20 in 2026, while launching new program initiatives to increase our impact. We are excited to invite associate partners to join this journey to accomplish our mission.

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