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DeepTech Alliance Explore 2024

We are proud to launch the DeepTech Alliance Explore 2024 where the entire DeepTech Alliance community will meet, share and create new business relationships. It takes place in Paris December 5 hosted by Hello Tomorrow.

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About the DeepTech Alliance Explore 2024

Our stand-alone Explore is a close collaboration between DeepTech Alliance and Hello Tomorrow. We believe joining forces will create a productive high quality deeptech exploration to remember.

DeepTech Alliance Explore 2024 concludes all programs and activities for 2024 by bringing together all the startups, corporates, investors and service providers who have participated. We also invite alumni startups, some close friends, partner prospects and our members. Business creation meetings, peer-to-peer sessions and rich opportunities for social meetings are the core deliverables for DeepTech Alliance Programs and Activities. The Explore 2024 will focus on exactly that, carefully blended with insight presentations. We hope it will be the most productive deeptech event on the planet.

Our first stand-alone Explore is planned for December 5 in Paris hosted by Hello Tomorrow and it’s an invitation only event with limited number of tickets. For more information and to get yourself a ticket please visit the Explore 2024 Event site.

You can always send questions or proposals to  [email protected] and we suggest that you subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter here

At the Explore 2024 you’ll find:

  • International Alliance and Program Partners
    • Corporates from around the world
    • Investors with deeptech appetite including CVC, VC, family offices and pension funds
    • Service Providers
  • European mature startups/scaleups in Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Energy, Public Utility and Advanced Materials
  • DeepTech Alliance Members representing top notch European Deeptech Ecosystems including Incubators, Accelerators, Science Parks and Venture builders 
Corporate partners in the Clean Energy program 2024




DeepTech Alliance fosters a unique ecosystem where entrepreneurs looking for pilot projects and customers intersect seamlessly with corporates and corporate VCs. 
The Clean Energy Program 2024 provided us with unparalleled access to corporate partners seeking to leverage cutting-edge solutions. Such access really helps secure pilot projects and strategic partnerships with industry giants, and as such DeepTech Alliance is an effective catalyst for innovation and commercial validation.
Frank Kjerstein
CEO, Reblade ApS (Denmark)

Statements from previous program participants

“The DeepTech Alliance Industry 4.0 program kick-off event is one of the best events I have attended in terms of organization and quality of the participants, technologies, discussions, networking and presentations.”

— Charles El Rawadi
Open Innovation Technology Partnering Europe, L’ORÉAL R&I
Statements from previous program participants

“We have had the pleasure of participating in two different programs, and we see DeepTech Alliance as a professional and outstanding organization which creates a lot of value for both startups, VCs and corporate partners through matchmaking, best practice sharing and networking with peers.”

— Zsolt Farkas
Director of Quality Management, Bosch
Statements from previous program participants

“DeepTech Alliance is an initiative to share, connect and innovate. It connects you with relevant disruptive technologies in the innovation ecosystem, making connections between investors and corporates with strong innovation strategies. It is more than a conventional initiative.”

— Sandra Blázquez
Open Innovation Manager, Repsol
Statements from previous program participants

“As the world is facing new challenges, and many of them can be addressed with the type of products we offer, we have to be on top of both new relevant technologies and potential opportunities for our solutions. Deep Tech Alliance is featuring an impressive collection of high performing Startups that have the potential to become valuable partners on this journey.”

Anders Nyander
— Anders Nyander
Concept Project Manager, Alfa Laval 
Statements from previous program participants

“DeepTech Alliance introduces us to great startups, companies and innovation hubs in an intimate way which is very attractive for us. We may be able to meet them online remotely from Asia, but it is very important for us to “feel” what kind of people we work with to create a better future.”

— Natsuko Motoda
Researcher of Technical Information, IHI Corporation
Statements from previous program participants

“DeepTech Alliance is a really powerful way to get access to the ecosystems across Europe. The alliance has given us access to some pretty high quality startups across the deep tech space and connected us with all the other corporate partners who can also be relevant when we conduct open innovation.”

Maria Hoffman
— Maria Emilie Danø Hoffmann
Head of Ventures & Open Innovation, Ørsted
Statements from previous program participants

“DeepTech Alliance makes the job for us easier by screening all the most mature and advanced technologies out there”.

Maja Yhde
— Maja Yhde
Innovation Consultant, HOFOR
Statements from previous program participants

“With today’s energy transition challenges, it’s very important to find the right contacts at the right time in order to co-create solutions and build partnerships. Deep Tech Alliance supports to close this gap by creating an attractive network between startups and established industry which speeds up development towards a sustainable technology future.”

Tim Schneider
— Tim Schneider
Global Product Manager, Hitachi Energy

DeepTech Alliance corporate partner panel on open innovation


Clean Energy 2024 Kick-off

DeepTech Alliance Clean Energy 2024 in Eindhoven April 16 & 17 2024

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