Public Utility 2024

This program is for Startups/Scaleups with technological solutions for organizations maintaining infrastructure for public service and drives innovation across all areas, Corporates looking for solutions to their infrastructural challenges and new ways of providing Public Utility services and, Investors investing in deeptech solutions for efficient, safe, secure, sustainable and circular public utility infrastructure and innovative Public Utility services. Apply here

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From Clean Energy Program 2023:

European Startups & Scaleups
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Expected collaborations startup-corporate
Expected collaborations corporate-corporate

About the Public Utility Program 2024

This is the first edition of our Public Utility Program. We kick it off with a physical session, November 5-6, hosted by Kongsberg Innovation in Oslo, Norway. Like all our programs it will primarily focus on creation of business opportunities between participating European deeptech companies and international Corporates, Service Providers and Investors with deeptech appetite. The preparation and post kick-off sessions are all digital to drive efficiency, flexibility and to let participants focus on their own business. With parallel programs taking place from Fall 2024 we have replaced the concluding Program Summits with a stand-alone Summit for all companies in Deep Tech Alliance.

A top-ranked program feature is the curated match meeting opportunities arranged during the program, face-to-face at the Kick-off and digital after that. The European startups invited are selected from requests provided by the participating Corporates, which increase chances of finding business opportunities.

The program also provides expert led online sessions on relevant topics, such as pricing and B2B Sales conversion. Participation in these is optional, and most sessions are recorded to allow for catching up on relevant sessions afterward.

In the program, participating startups get:

  • Handheld match meetings with International Corporate Partners.
  • Investor pitch and match meeting with preferred Investors.
  • Workshops with experts that will help you understand, approach and engage with corporates.
  • Peer-to-peer network with best-in-class mature startups from all over Europe.
  • Physical kick-off event, November 5-6 in Oslo, Norway.
  • Free participation in the stand-alone Summit preliminary scheduled for Paris December 5.
  • Invited to Alumni activities onwards.

Participation requirements

  • Company registered in a European Country (including non-EU countries like the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Ukraine, etc.)
  • Ready to engage with big industrial clients (min. TRL 4 ready for TRL 5 validation)
  • Program participation fee €1.000. The participation fee covers all program content including lunches and networking dinners during the events.
  • Participants are to cover travel to and lodging related to the kick-off event.
Corporate Partners in Clean Energy 2024

Statements from previous program participants

“We managed to get in touch with potential corporate customers that would have taken months of work to set up otherwise”

David Puron
— David Puron
Co-founder & CEO, Barbara IoT (Spain)
Statements from previous program participants

“We have gained access to enterprises with real problems and needs in an efficient and beneficial way. This helped us to further shape our offering and also prove our capabilities to additional relevant stakeholders.”

Aleksandar Bogoevski
— Aleksandar Bogoevski
Founder & CMO, CTHINGS.CO (Poland)
Statements from previous program participants

“The program gave us the opportunity to make new valuable contacts with decision-makers in relevant companies. It allowed us to better compare our own structure with other startups in different stages, to learn from the successes and failures of others and to exchange best-practice examples in a perfect setting. Markus Wicht, Business developer”.

Markus Wicht
— Markus Wicht
Business developer, Covision Lab (Norway)
Statements from previous program participants

“The DeepTech Alliance’s Industry 4.0 program provided invaluable support for us. The tailored networking opportunities helped us to quickly discuss strong partnership opportunities. We highly recommend the program to any team working on cutting-edge industrial technologies”.

Gokalp Caniklioglu
— Gokalp Caniklioglu
Head of Investor relations and strategy, Sensemore (Turkey)
Statements from previous program participants

“DeepTech Alliance gathers the right people to help tech startups grow. It’s a good place to be for European entrepreneurs!”

Hao Yin
— Hao Yin
CEO, TEGnology (Denmark)

DeepTech Alliance corporate partner panel on open innovation

“The program has given us valuable insights on how to fuel our company into international business opportunities. The introduction to business partners has opened business opportunities all over Europe for us!”

— Kristian Hovet
CEO at Tunable (Norway)

DeepTech Alliance Industry 4.0 Summit in Copenhagen Nov 16th 2022

Industry 4.0 Summit

Thomas Klem Andersen

Executive Director
DeepTech Alliance
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