About DeepTech Alliance

What is DeepTech Alliance?

DeepTech Alliance is a private non-profit association of leading European entrepreneurship hubs associated with universities and research institutions. By joining forces we provide startups and scaleups from our ecosystems with market access and funding opportunities on an international level.

Novo Nordisk and UpKip at DeepTech Alliance Industry 4.0 Summit

Short about DeepTech Alliance

We believe science based deep tech startups can provide tomorrow’s solutions for today’s big challenges and we believe that Europe can become the cradle of the next generation of world class deep tech ventures.

The deep tech journey is complex, long and costly it holds high potential but cannot be made successfully alone. We believe a strong European deep tech ecosystem is necessary for novel deep tech based solutions to fulfill their potential. DeepTech Alliance contributes to such an ecosystem by connecting European deep tech startups with corporates and investors to ensure that high potential European deep tech based solutions are matched with the capital and market opportunities they need to scale internationally.

Each year our alliance members assess +6500 startups in the European deep tech startup ecosystem and work actively with +800 of these startups in their local programs. We hand-pick the best of those startups for our joint DeepTech Alliance programs through which we match them with investors and corporate partners internationally.

Origin story

DeepTech Alliance was launched as a project in 2018 by DTU Science Park supported by the Danish Industry Foundation to create better conditions for European startups and established industry by enhancing cross border collaboration for key deep tech stakeholders in Europe.

On Nov 2023 DeepTech Alliance was established as an independent association by all members and a board of directors was elected as the top authoritative body of the alliance.

The day-to-day management of the alliance is overseen by an Executive Team and the alliance’s programs and services are managed by the alliance’s Operations Partner THINGS.


DTU Science Park, Denmark

Startup Services is DTU Science Park’s deep tech accelerator located at The Technical University of Denmark North of Copenhagen. Startup Services works with university spinouts, startups, and scaleups primarily within Hardware, Climate Tech, and Medtech. Startup Services consists of 15 employees managing two annual acceleration programs, mentoring, business coaching, pitch events, and much more.

Startups in programs every year
Teams assessed every year
Startups accelerated since 2013

UnternehmerTUM Xpreneurs, Germany

XPRENEURS is a Munich-based tech start-up incubator, powered by UnternehmerTUM. In their 3-month incubator program, XPRENEURS supports tech start-ups on their way from MVP to market entry. Through a broad network with lots of expertise, they help start-ups to validate their business model, win first customers, and secure initial investments. By providing market-oriented and industry-specific support, XPRENEURS creates excellent starting conditions for tech entrepreneurs across Europe. 

Startups per year
Teams assessed every year
Ongoing investments

Hello tomorrow, France

We connect all key players – startups, investors, private & public organizations, researchers, universities & incubators through events and help companies understand Deep Tech and Industry 4.0 trends, identify new market opportunities, and build new ventures to seize them. We power startup competitions worldwide partnering with 150+ universities and accelerator programs to unearth new solutions.

Solutions identified
Relations and fundraising deals facilitated
Clients supported in their innovation journey

The Collider, Spain

The Collider is the innovation program of Mobile World Capital Barcelona which aims to bridge the gap between science, industry, and society. It identifies and accompanies research projects based on disruptive technologies in CleanTech, Digital Health, AgroTech, and Industry 4.0, to create startups bringing together scientific and entrepreneurial talent. The Collider offers training programs for scientists and TTOs, an annual venture builder program to spin out deep tech startups, and portfolio management to connect them with the local and European ecosystem to foster deep tech innovation

Startups created in the venture builder in the recent years
Jobs created
Tech projects assessed among 72 research centers

Kongsberg Innovation, Norway

Kongsberg Innovation is an industry-based advisor, investor, and innovation company that operates throughout Norway. We support ambitious entrepreneurs, start-ups, and well-established companies who share our passion for growth, innovation, and scalable business ideas. We primarily work with companies addressing the energy transition, circular technologies, or Industry 4.0

Startups in programs and incubation every year
Teams assessed every year
Ongoing investments
Deep Tech Alliance Operations Partner

THINGS, Sweden

THINGS is physically located at Campus KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and working closely with the local and national ecosystems of incubators and Science parks.​

THINGS has 100 members, a 50/50 mix of deeptech companies and established corporates, from Japan to US, Sweden to Australia.​

Together with a range of carefully selected international partners THINGS provide services for these members, including innovation challenges, acceleration programs, co-pilots and matchmaking activities.

Startups and scaleups in general network 
Corporates in general network
International partners

ETH Zürich Entrepreneurship, Switzerland

​​ETH Zürich Entrepreneurship is your first point of contact for current and future entrepreneurs at ETH Zurich. ETH Zurich has a world-class reputation in academia and industry.​
ETH Entrepreneurship helps and advises ETH students, employees, professors, and alumni wishing to set up their own companies and supports them in navigating the entrepreneurial ecosystem at ETH Zurich and beyond The university has 24,500 students from over 120 countries and 4,460 researchers

University spinout ventures founded
Fellowships granted for entrepreneurial researchers
Best technical university in Europe

Polihub, Italy

PoliHub is the Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator of the Politecnico di Milano, managed by Fondazione Politecnico. PoliHub works with university spinoffs, startups and scaleups primarily within Deep Tech and Climate Tech. PoliHub consists of 28 employees managing two acceleration programs, full-time incubation, mentoring, business coaching, pitch events and much more. 

Startups in programs every year
ideas assessed every year
startups accelerated since 2015

Ljubjana University Incubator(LUI), Slovenia

​​LUI (Ljubljana University Incubator) is a leading startup support organization in Slovenia and the CEE region – a community of successful startups. There‘s no stage too early for us, we help companies from vision-stage to early growth.
We are generalists with a love for deeptech, especially in fields like climate, AI, materials, and health where we also run vertical programs.
We support the creation and first steps of startups across a multitude of programs, pitching competitions, hackathons, and fund researchers with tiny grants to help move their deeptech forward.

startups in programs every year
teams assessed every year
Best technical university in Europe

HighTechXL, the Netherlands

We merge the unique skills of our global ecosystem with deep tech and entrepreneurship to build deep-tech ventures that tackle grand societal challenges. We support teams as they progress through our venture-building program and connect them with essential resources, such as investors, advisors, and customers.

startups in programs
survival rate
ongoing investments

STING, Sweden

​We are firm believers in the transformative potential of entrepreneurship. Through our support for startups addressing pressing societal challenges, we enhance their prospects for success, enabling their innovations to reach a global scale and positively impact the world.​

Moreover, we place great faith in the strength of collaboration, recognising that our efforts contribute to the continual reinforcement of Stockholm’s vibrant startup ecosystem.​ Sting serves the best start-up companies in our three thematic areas: Health, Climate, and Society, and we always favour Deep Tech companies.

startups in programs every year
teams assessed every year
Accelerated since 2002, 70% of which still are thriving

imec, Belgium

Boost your deep-tech investments and innovation with imec, the world-leading research center in semiconductors. We empower deep tech ventures to navigate both technological challenges and market risks by leveraging our unrivaled expertise and ecosystem, coupled with strong ties to investors like imec.xpand.

Imec.DeepTechVentures ensures maximum chances of success for both visionary investors and entrepreneurs. Join forces with us to propel cutting-edge technologies to provide sustainable solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges.

deep tech ventures launched
ideas reviewed
valuation of ventures launched

“DeepTech Alliance is truly the most important internationalization arena for Kongsberg Innovation and deep tech startups in Norway. The alliance has allowed us to build strong international relationships with world class innovation hubs, corporates, and investors that we would not otherwise be able to connect with. We are committed to the long term work to fully realizing the alliance’s potential and in building the most valuable cross border programs for European startups and scaleups”.

— Åsmund Lunnan Bjørnstad
Head of startup programs, Kongsberg Innovation (Norway)

“Only by sharing knowledge and opening up opportunities across borders through initiatives like DeepTech Alliance can we accelerate the creation of new european innovative startups that can compete globally.

Through DeepTech Alliances, Polihub benefits from 1) Best practice sharing with leading incubators, 2) Extending the network of our startups to corporates and VCs on a European level and 3) Offering Italian corporates and VC’s access to promising startups from the rest of Europe.

The unique characteristic of DeepTech Alliance, is that it is driven directly by the best European startup incubators, which allows us to promote the best ventures in our ecosystems”.

— Enrico Deluchi, CEO
Enrico Deluchi, CEO, Chair of DeepTech Alliance and CEO of Polihub Innovation Park (Italy)

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