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Are you a corporate looking to explore innovation potential in collaboration with startups?

Repsol and Force Technology at DeepTech Alliance Industry 4.0 Summit

What we offer corporates

As corporate partner in DeepTech Alliance you and your company becomes part of an exclusive one stop shop for pre screened startups from the leading deep tech ecosystems in Europe. You get access to the newest technologies, direct introduction to startups as leads for pilot projects and M&A, and knowledge sharing with corporate peers with ambitious innovation agendas.

Join an exclusive network of corporate partners, deep tech VCs, national deep tech powerhouses and Europe’s most promising deep tech startups.

Direct access to the best deep tech ecosystems in Europe with cutting edge technologies and high quality startups/scaleups

Get unique insights into deep tech and industry trends in Europe.

1:1 Matchmaking and direct introduction to relevant startups/scaleups in DeepTech Alliance programs and local member hubs

Overview of and Invitation to Demo Days & Tech Conferences hosted by member hubs

Strengthen your brand as an active deep tech ecosystem actor through co branding with DeepTech Alliance.

Since 2021

DeepTech Alliance has been running joint programs since 2021 connecting hand-picked startups from the member ecosystems with corporate partners.

Matchmaking meetings
Expected collaborations
with startups
Expected collaborations
with corporate peers in recent program
Case stories

“DeepTech Alliance connects stakeholders to challenge business-as-usual and foster collaboration between tech startups, incubators, and corporates. Exchanging best practices with our Corporate Peers in DTA has helped us propel some of our own PoC projects. Learning about the philosophies of different corporates helps us improve our own innovation processes.”

— Takuya Gamboni
General Manager BD, IHI Corporation (Japan)
Case stories

The DTA Clean Energy program helped us extend our reach to prominent energy related startups on an international level. It also gave us a direct insight into the energy market trends and state of the art technology.
The outcome was great and produced within a considerably condensed timeframe, which we appreciate.

— Paolo Magni
Innovation Manager, Gruppo Enercom (Italy)


Clean Energy Summit

Deeptech Alliance Clean Energy Summit • 23-24 May 2022

Types of corporate partnership

Program Partner

(1 program)

Alliance Partner

(1 year)

Participation in one of our programs from pre-program selection to, kick-off event, 1:1 matchmaking and concluding Summit.

Program Partner

Alliance Partner

Participation in all of our programs within the year that matches strategic interests from pre program selection to, kick-off event, 1:1 matchmaking and concluding Summit.

Program Partner

Alliance Partner

Cross European tech and venture scouting among portfolio startups in member hubs.

Program Partner

Alliance Partner

Direct introduction to relevant startups in local member hubs.

Program Partner

Alliance Partner

Overview of and Invitation to Demo Days, match – and pitch events in local member hubs

Program Partner

Alliance Partner

Corporate Alliance Partners (full year)
equinor ventures
Tetra Pak Logo

Corporate Program Partners (in recent programs)
Hitachi Energy
Nove Nordisk
TechEnergy Ventures
Gruppo enercom
Umbra group

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