Deep Tech Alliance Summit 2024

Thomas Klem Andersen

As Deep Tech Alliance expands in terms of more member countries, corporate partners, deeptech domains, activities and programs, it continuous to re-invent itself.

Starting second half of 2024, Deep Tech Alliance will run parallel programs; offering both Advanced Manufacturing and Public Utility during Oct-Nov. Instead of closing each program with a Summit, a stand-alone physical Summit for all Deep Tech Alliance companies and programs will be arranged, supporting all participants to expand their business networks across domains and Alumni participants. The first edition takes place in Paris on December 5, 2024, hosted by Hello Tomorrow. 

“We are determined to deliver a Summit which gives companies in DeepTech Alliance a unique opportunity to explore with partners and peers across Europe. Our experience in preparing efficient business creation events and the good knowledge of our alliance partners, investors, tech companies and members will be used to maximize value for each Summit participant. The power of our single-point-of-entry to leading deep tech ecosystems in Europe is apparent, and we aim for each participant to return back home with at least ten new business opportunities and relationships” 

said Thomas Klem Andersen, DeepTech Alliance Executive Director.


Deep Tech Alliance is an alliance of leading entrepreneurship hubs in Europe, joining forces to unleash the full potential of European science-based innovation for global impact. Our single-point-of-entry to multiple leading deep tech ecosystems in Europe enables business relationships between European quality startups, international corporates and investors, to be created faster and more efficiently.

The Deep Tech Alliance members are: DTU Science Park (Denmark), Polihub (Italy), UnternehmerTUM (Germany), Hello Tomorrow (France), The Collider – Mobile World Capital Barcelona (Spain), HightechXL (the Netherlands), Kongsberg Innovation(Norway), Imec (Belgium) and STING (Sweden). THINGS is the exclusive operations partner to Deep Tech Alliance from 2024. DeepTech Alliance is currently active in the domains of Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Energy, Public Utilities and Advanced Material, and will continuously add more domains. For more information please visit: or contact Thomas Klem Andersen: [email protected]g

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