The DeepTech Alliance

DeepTech Alliance is an international initiative sponsored by the Danish Industry Foundation to connect the best deep tech incubators and accelerators in an alliance to create an International collaboration and innovation platform for deep tech startups.

The purpose of the alliance

The aim of the DeepTech Alliance is to increase the likelihood that deep tech startups with high growth potential and international ambition are supported in the best possible way. We will facilitate that the deep tech startups will get access to better and more dedicated programs, easier market access and market validation, the right funding, and help at the right time. All in an effort to bring the best startups faster and cheaper to market.

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What is Deep Tech?

Deep tech startups – when engineering meets scientific discoveries creating disruptive solutions built around unique, protected, hard-to-reproduce technological or scientific advances and products.

Deep Tech is too complex to cover by yourself. At the core of deep tech are ecosystems like the Deep Tech Alliance – watch the video below to see why Deep Tech Alliance is important.