Clean Energy Accelerator

The Clean Energy Accelerator helps the participating startups get ready to explore opportunities and strategic partnerships with corporates from all over Europe. The accelerator also helps the startups look for partners, B2B customers, and investors in new markets.

“The program has given us valuable insights on how to fuel our company into international business opportunities. The introduction to business partners has opened business opportunities all over Europe for us!”

Kristian Hovet, CEO at Tunabe (Norway)

The 19 startups have been chosen
for the Clean Energy Accelerator

The 19 startups from 11 different countries all work within clean energy. More specified, in the fields of energy production, energy storage: Batteries and LAES, power-to-X Hydrogen, energy optimization, enablers: Advanced materials, and Carbon capture.


In the DeepTech Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator, we match clean energy startups with corporate partners across Europe.

Startups are busy, and for this reason, we’ve designed the eight-week program to have no more than 2 sessions per week so the startups have time to focus on their business while participating.

In the eight-week program startups get:

  • Handheld matchmaking with corporate partners across Europe.
  • Workshops with experts that will help you understand, approach, and engage with corporates.
  • Peer-to-peer network with best-in-class startups from all over Europe.
  • Physical kick-off event in Kongsberg*, Norway on the 30th and 31st of March and Concluding Summit and Demo Day in Milan*, Italy on the 24th of May with pitches in front of corporates and investors.

*The participation fee for selected startups is €1.000 and the participants are expected to cover travel and lodging related to the kick-off event in Kongsberg and the Concluding Summit in Milan.
The participation fee covers all program content including lunches and networking dinners for the kick-off event and concluding summit.

Who is the program for?

The Clean Energy Accelerator is for:

Startups and scaleups working with technological solutions to an industrial problem within Wind, Solar, Hydrogen, Nuclear, Carbon Capture & Storage, Geothermal, Ocean (Tidal & Wave), Bioenergy, Energy storage, or similar.

Participants are expected to be ready to deliver or test their solutions with corporate partners or customers.

Corporates who are either in a clean energy transition process or produce energy or equipment related to the energy areas mentioned above; and believe in the potential of exploring innovation and business opportunities in collaboration with startups and scaleups.

Are you interested in being a Corporate Partner in this program or would you like to hear more? Contact us here

Deep Tech Alliance does not only provide the usual accelerator content but it does it to a very deep level and European wide. In my perspective it’s the leading accelerator program in Europe

Martin Rugfelt, CEO & Co-founder, Sentian.AI (Sweden)
Thomas Klem Andersen

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