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Statements from previous program participants

“Through DeepTech Alliance we have gained significant and relevant contacts with potential customers and future investors. This was absolutely worthwhile!”

— Camilla Nilsson
CEO Kyoto Group (Norway)
Statements from previous program participants

“For us as a B2B startup, the matchmaking and experience exchange with startups, corporates, investors, and incubators from different European countries has been a critical stepping-stone on our go-to-market and scaling journey.”

— Florian Turk
CEO, Microwave Solutions (Germany)
Statements from previous program participants

“Intense and effective program through which we initiated commercial dialogue with potential customers”.

— Lars Willums
CFO, Nordic Batteries (Norway)
Statements from previous program participants

“DeepTech Alliance brought together the triangle of startups, corporates, and investors in this eight-week program. This opportunity to engage with corporates paved the way for actual pilot project collaborations and brought our company significantly forward”.

— Stuart Bronson
CEO, Nanom (Iceland)
Statements from previous program participants

“DeepTech Alliance does not only provide the usual program content, but it does it to a very deep level and European-wide. In my perspective, it’s the leading program in Europe”.

— Martin Rugfelt
CEO, at Sentian.AI (Sweden)

DeepTech Alliance corporate partner panel on open innovation

Thomas Klem Andersen

Executive Director
DeepTech Alliance
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