Deep Tech Alliance goes Public Utility

Thomas Klem Andersen

Deep Tech Alliance introduce its third program: Public Utility Program 2024. The kick-off will be hosted by the Deep Tech Alliance Member PoliHub in Milan November 5-6 and use the same format as the annual programs in Advanced Manufacturing and Clean Energy which have been organized sine 2021. 

“Being a single-point-of-entry to leading deep tech ecosystems in Europe require us to work in more deep tech domains to deliver on our promise. We are fortunate to have several Public Utility organisations as Corporate Partners already why I’m confident we will deliver a great program”

said Thomas Klem Andersen, DeepTech Alliance Executive Director.

Public Utility target organizations maintaining infrastructure for public service and often also providing services using that infrastructure. Key players include: 

  • Generators produce or collect the specific product to be used by customers like electricity, heat or water.
  • Network operators sell access to their networks to retail service providers, who deliver the product to the end user.
  • Traders and marketers buy and sell the actual product and create further complex structured products, combined services and derivatives products. 
  • Service providers and retailers are the last segment in the supply chain, selling directly to the final consumer.

The Public Utility industry is constantly changing and include more services (district cooling, energy efficiency, solar panel installation, broadband, video surveillance, traffic analysis, torrential downpours planning, security, etc), becomes more integrated (power plants producing electricity and heat), drives innovation across all areas and grow as organizations. Current and long term challenges like climate crises, energy challenges, war and cyber security threats makes Public Utility in need of solutions based on sophisticated technology, and Deep Tech Alliance can play an important role in these efforts. 

We introduce a three layer model when we talk about Public Utility services in DTA: 

  • traditional services – electricity, gas, water/waste water, waste
  • common services – heating/cooling, lightning
  • new services – eMobility, energy efficiency, climate impact, video surveillance, traffic analysis, broadband, “Smart City”

The traditional and common services will always be covered in our program and our Corporates will help us identify relevant new services to focus on in each program. 

The Programs are the foundation of how Deep Tech Alliance enable the most promising Europen deeptech companies to scale faster through sustainable business relationships with international corporates. The Programs also enable corporate-to-corporate business relationships which further accelerate deployment and scaling of deeptech solutions not the least in the sustainability field. Also deeptech investors are involved in these programs which is critical since deeptech investing typically means more patient money in earlier stages. The Programs are commercial and have maximum 25 Corporates participating, and based on their input, 25 mature startups are selected for each Program.

Other Deep Tech Alliance Programs 2024 are Clean Energy 2024 to be kicked-off in Eindhoven April 16-17 hosted by HightechXL and with a concluding Summit in Barcelona June 19 hosted by The Collider – MWCapital. And Advanced Manufacturing 2024 to be kicked-off in Munich October 9-10 hosted by UnternehmerTUM. 


Deep Tech Alliance is an alliance of European deeptech ecosystems with the mission to make Europe a leading deeptech player. Our single-point-of-entry to Europe’s leading deeptech ecosystems enables business relationships between European quality startups, international corporates and investors, to be created faster and more efficiently.

The Deep Tech Alliance members are: DTU Science Park (Denmark), Polihub (Italy), IE Lab at ETH (Switzerland), UnternehmerTUM (Germany), Hello Tomorrow (France), The Collider – Mobile World Capital Barcelona (Spain), HightechXL (the Netherlands), Kongsberg Innovation (Norway), Imec (Belgium) and STING (Sweden). THINGS is the exclusive operations partner to Deep Tech Alliance from 2024. DeepTech Alliance is currently active in the domains of Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Energy, Sustainable City Logistics, Space Tech and Advanced Material, and will continuously add more domains. For more information please visit: or contact Thomas Klem Andersen: [email protected]

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