Deep Tech Alliance grows stronger

Thomas Klem Andersen

From humble beginnings as a project funded by the Danish Industry Foundation 2018, Deep Tech Alliance has grown into a formidable force with members in 11 European countries on a joint mission to make Europe a strong player in deeptech. Our single-point-of-entry to Europe’s leading deeptech ecosystems enables business relationships between European quality startups, international Corporates and investors to be created faster and more efficiently for all parties.

The first bespoke DeepTech Alliance program was launched in 2021 and since then successful programs in Advanced Manufacturing and Clean Energy, coupled with collaborations like the European Commission’s CASSINI Space Initiative and EIT Urban Mobility, has demonstrated Deep Tech Alliance’s commitment to making Europe a leader in deeptech.

Our Impact

Deep Tech Alliance has built a strong foundation with members, partners, investors and European deeptech startups who all contributed to our results as of today:

  • 35 international Corporates engaged in our programs
  • 136 mature European deeptech startups engaged in our programs
  • 409 startup Corporate matchmaking meetings in programs and 218 follow-up meetings
  • 123 startup-Corporate collaborations expected after programs
  • 89 Corporate peer collaborations expected after programs

Exciting Future Plans

Deep Tech Alliance today announces an ambitious expansion plan to realize the full potential of the alliance. By 2026 the alliance aim for:

  • Startup ecosystem members in 20 European countries.
  • Initiatives within five key deeptech domains.
  • Established network of 500 high quality program-alumni startups.
  • 50 Corporate Partners and 25 Preferred Investors

”I am both honored and deeply committed to leading our collective journey in a time calling for cross-border collaboration and sustainable innovation. My belief in a unified Europe, fueled by a passion for innovation, is at the heart of our mission. At DTA, we stand at the forefront of assembling a powerful community of academics, startups, investors, and corporates. Together, we are not just fostering business and innovation; we are embarking on a critical mission. Facing the formidable global challenges ahead, we see our role at DTA as not just an opportunity, but a profound obligation to contribute actively to a future that promises sustainable and equitable progress.”

said Enrico Deluchi, CEO of PoliHub in Milan and Chairman of the Deep Tech Alliance Board.

New Operations Partner

To realize these ambitions, we are partnering with former alliance member THINGS, Stockholm who will be our Operations Partner from 2024 and will execute our activities in close collaboration with the alliance and its members. Their decade-long expertise aligns perfectly with our mission, and we look forward to the collaboration.

”We have loved working with DeepTech Alliance since day one, since it’s very similar to what we have been doing at THINGS for almost 10 years now. In DeepTech Alliance, we get to expand this work with our extended family of great colleagues across Europe. We are proud to be selected to manage DeepTech Alliance Operations onwards, and take on the challenge to realize the ambitious strategy”

said Linda Krondahl, CEO of THINGS.

New Alliance Member

Deep Tech Alliance also announces Sting as new member. It is a top-notch incubator in Sweden who brings their high-quality deeptech ecosystem to the Alliance.

Sting helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas into successful, international growth companies. By offering highly qualified business coaching, team & talent support, financing, and a world-class network, Sting has supported more than 370 startups since 2002, of which 70% thriving today. Sting is also an active leader in developing the Swedish Startup ecosystem, having co-founded several vital initiatives such as SUP46, THINGS, Ignite Sweden, Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day, Luminar Ventures and Propel Capital.

”I’m really proud of what we have achieved together so far in DeepTech Alliance. It’s rare for initiatives like this to outlive their initial project funding and successfully bring together so many different stakeholders from multiple countries who report back that the initiative creates true value for them. I am excited about our ambitious strategy for 2026, and I am confident of what we can achieve together, especially starting 2024 with a new superb alliance member, and THINGS as our Operations Partners”

said Thomas Klem Andersen, DeepTech Alliance Executive Director.

Deep Tech Alliance has announced two activities for 2024 to date:


Deep Tech Alliance is an alliance of European deeptech ecosystems with the mission to make Europe a leading deeptech player. Our single-point-of-entry to Europe’s leading deeptech ecosystems enables business relationships between European quality startups, international corporates and investors, to be created faster and more efficiently.

The Deep Tech Alliance members are: DTU Science Park (Denmark), Polihub (Italy), IE Lab at ETH (Switzerland), UnternehmerTUM (Germany), Hello Tomorrow (France), The Collider (Spain), HightechXL (the Netherlands), Kongsberg Innovation (Norway), Imec (Belgium) and STING (Sweden). THINGS is the exclusive operations partner to Deep Tech Alliance from 2024. DeepTech Alliance is currently active in the domains of Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Energy, Sustainable City Logistics, Space Tech and Advanced Material, and will continuously add more domains. For more information please visit: or contact Thomas Klem Andersen: [email protected].

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